Is Altuzarra’s Collaboration With Target Too Much of a Risk?

AltuzarraTarget has been known for the their designer and celebrity fashion line collaborations for years. But, now that Target is more pervasive in American communities and has a wider, more mainstream audience, does it make sense for the big box store to continue these collaborations?

Target’s domestic traffic has been negative for nine quarters in a row and the brand’s launch in Canada has been struggling according to CNNMoney

Though the Peter Pilotto collection sold out in minutes on Net-a-Porter, remnants of the collection still remain on clearance racks in stores across the county, as I discovered during stops at Target along my 2200 mile summer vacation road trip. It’s easy to see why bold clashing patterns and asymmetrical hemlines wouldn’t appeal to the masses in Erie, Pennsylvania or Eliabethtown, Kentucky. For many everyday Target customers, the line is just impractical.

Yes, fashion is meant to be fun and whimsical, full of imagination allowing the wearer to experiment and indulge. But, does Tammy from Flowood, Mississippi who just stopped in to Target for diapers but ends up walking out with $100 in other spontaneous purchases have a piece from the latest fashion-forward collection in her cart? Probably not.

The newest collaboration, with Altuzarra launches on September 14 and we just got a peek at the look book. While the collection is a far cry from Target’s last collaboration and, possibly more mainstream- especially with Halloween coming quickly, the question still lingers about Target’s focus on their main audience.

With each collection, Target has the conscious decision to alienate more of its customer base that shops there frequently and whose money has provided the company to rapidly expand. Perhaps the fashion forward lines would be better left for a new set of select Target boutique stores? 

images courtesy of Altuzarra for Target

BELLI Up to the Sink for Remarkable Results

BELLIFinding the right blend of skin care treatments for a child just starting to see the effects of adolescence (namely acne and excess sweating), can be challenging. Add in a family history of frustratingly dry skin and milia, and, let’s be honest, we’re just trying to figure out a way for the process to not traumatize her too much.

Then along came a ring of the doorbell and Dan, our usual UPS delivery man handed me a package from BELLI, a line of skincare products championed by both OB/GYNs and dermatologists. Advertising a solution to the breakout cycle common in early pregnancy, the line also touts that it is missing many of the ingredients discouraged during pregnancy.

Having just reached a new level in the adolescence skin experience with the onset of the hot and humid summertime in Georgia, I asked our tween if she wanted to give the products a shot. Here we are, a month later and not only is she seeing results, she’s also gaining confidence in her skin that she hasn’t had in a while.

The two products- BELLI Anti-Blemish Facial Wash and Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub, can be used together as a skin care system or separately. With an eye toward not overdoing it, we decided on a system of using the scrub on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while using the Facial Wash each day of the week in both the morning and at night.      Continue reading

MOROCCANOIL Shower Gel Helps Me Figure Out the Forecast

MOROCCANOIL Shower GelYou never know what you’re going to find in a swag bag. Usually packed full of branded things you really don’t want, this particular bag had a bottle of 2.5 oz (aka the perfect travel size) MOROCCANOIL Shower Gel in it. With a summer vacation in my future, I decided it was time to give it a go.

The first day I showered with it, there was a noticeable lack of later. Having used the usual dime sized amount, I thought maybe it was the weave (if that’s even the right word) of my shower poof so the next day I switched. The later was much better on the more loosely constructed poof but I also had to use a bit more gel.

I toweled off and went about getting ready and my skin got itchy. Not allergy itchy but dry skin, dead of winter, I have dry shaved my legs every day for a week and never used moisturizer dry. I slathered on moisturizer and all was well.

The next day, it rained. I took a shower late and used the gel again. This time, my skin felt supple- almost dewey.

Through the vacation, my skin became a barometer. I’d use the gel on humid days and have no dryness issues. On more moderate weather days, I couldn’t reach for the moisturizer fast enough.

Combine that with the heavy, almost masculine scent of the gel and I happily sent the sample on to its new home in a landfill.

If I need to know the forecast, I’ll ask Siri, watch the news, or go online. I don’t need a shower gel that does that for me.

Blue Lagoon “Icon” to Launch Orange-Based Cosmetic Line

Brooke Shields Icon MAC

As the 80s embodiment of “the girl with the eyebrows,” Brooke Shields was lusted after by many men currently hovering around 40 years old. Now, she’s an icon. Well, at least MAC seems to think she is.

Following in the footsteps of beloved celebrities Diana Ross and Racquel Welsh, the 49 year old Shields has worked with MAC to develop a 15-piece collection that will be priced from $17 for an eyebrow gel to $85 for a 16-color eyeshadow pallete. WWD says the collaboration is the largest MAC has done thus far.

Tied strongly to the everyday Brooke Shields rather than her red carpet persona, the line gives something for everyone offering from satin and frost to Veluxe pearl and shimmer giving women on the go a variety of options all in one place. Shields even named one of the colors after her dog- Pepper.

Unlike the bold black MAC is usually known for, this Icon line will feature orange and gray packaging reminiscent of the colors Shields sees around her home in New York City.

The collection will enter North American MAC stores on Oct. 2 and be available internationally later that month.

The One Product I Wish I’d Never Spent Money On

rare-minerals-rareminerals-renew--reveal-facial-cleanserI was cleaning out underneath my sink over the weekend and came across an ivory bottle. There it was. It’s been four years since I shelled out somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 for BareMinerals RareMinerals Renew & Reveal Facial Cleanser.

I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Every few months I’ll take it out and try to use it, fumbling with the chalky grains of the dry powder as I add water to it to try to make it sudsy all while rubbing it on my face.

Nothing has changed in four years. The product still reacts as it did the first few times I used it. After you’re done cleansing, it still feels like you feel on a hot day when you’re sweaty and walking down a dirt road as a truck rushes by you, throwing dust in the air, covering the sweat and matting it to your face.

I always end up washing my face again, with something else, then having to use a fair amount of moisturizer.

And yet, it sits there, like a beacon warning me about other ill-fated product decisions in my future.

Product Review: Bumble and bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil shampoo and conditioner

Bumble and bumble invisible oilWhile I do live in one of the most humid climates in the continental United States, I do readily admit that my hair craves moisture. I’m forever looking to find that balance between still washing my hair every day and silky locks that resist the inevitable weather-driven frizz.

When I first got my hands on Bumble and bumble’s hairdressers invisible oil shampoo and conditioner, I was excited. This company, after all, makes two of my most loved go-to products- straight blow dry and Bb. texture.

The shampoo is billed as having, “6 featherlight oils to help soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect.” Featherweight is the keyword here. While some oil infused soaps and shampoos can leave your skin and hair feeling greasy, the invisible oil shampoo did not, even after I used almost .5 oz on my short-medium length hair.

Why so much? The shampoo felt like it was disappearing. There was no rich later, no typical shampoo-like signs of cleansing success until I had used that much.

The same thing happened with the conditioner. While my hair wasn’t dried out or fried and looking for soothing moisture, it was certainly ready to absorb some. About the same amount of conditioner was applied before I felt like there was enough on there to do the job.

After trying the routine for several days in a row, I was quickly down half a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, which, at $30 for 8.5 oz. of shampoo and $33 for 6.7 oz. of conditioner was an expensive week in the shower.

Not only that, I felt like the shampoo and conditioner weren’t making my hair as soft, silky, tame, de-frizzed, or detangled as my much cheaper usual brand. My usual routine of inexpensive L’oreal shampoo and conditioner paired with the Bb. texture left my hair much softer than when using the invisible oil line while using the straight blow dry I managed to keep my frizz in check better than the invisible oil combination.

I’m ditching the invisible oil line and sticking with the Bumble and bumble products I already know and love.

Derek Jeter’s Retirement Plan Includes “Tempur-Pedic Banana Hammocks”

FRIGO RevolutionWearThough it was first reported a month ago, I think it bears writing about here because, let’s be honest, there are enough Yankees fans out there willing to buy a pair of Jeter’s britches to make him a multi-millionaire all over again.

As first reported by the NY Post, Yankees shortstop turned third baseman Derek Jeter owns a stake in FRIGO RevolutionWear, a company that claims to have, “merged technology, design and the best available materials to come up with FRIGO® RevolutionWear – a game-changing product line for men.”

Perhaps fearing a comparison to former Orioles pitcher Jim Palmer whose careers as a model for Jockey overshadowed his 19 years of professional ball playing, Jeter kept his involvement with the brand a secret up until this summer and, according to what a source told Details, you won’t see him in any advertisements wearing the manties anytime soon.

The underwear, which uses the tagline “Men! Stop wearing underwear” is currently available at select Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor stores as well as online at with the brand, which launched in 2012, is poised to compete with Under Armour and SPANX for Men.

image courtesy of RevolutionWear

Dr. Chip Cole’s Face Change Demystifies Cosmetic Surgery

Face ChangeIf you’re thinking about having any sort of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III, MD, FACS has written the book you’ll want to read. Having performed 25,000 surgeries since opening Atlanta’s Oculus Plastic Surgery 20 years ago, in his new book Face Change, Dr. Cole takes readers step by step through the cosmetic surgery process, explaining what they should expect of their doctors, expect from the surgery, and how they can expect their body to react as they age- with or without surgery.

Written in a conversational yet informative tone, as I was reading the book, I had to remind myself that this advice, as simplistic as it was in explanation, was coming from an expert- a doctor, who has taken something as intimidating as a life-changing operation and broken it down into just over 300 pages of facts, tips, pointers, advisories, and checklists for prospective patients to follow.      Continue reading

Warby Parker Launches New Limited Edition Collection Today

Warby ParkerWith styles perfect for “late night dates, rooftop sunrises, and everything in between. (Especially the everything in between.) All you need is a partner in crime and some frames to bring your midnight mischief into light,” Warby Parker’s latest limited edition collection adds more options to their already stylish summer lines.

The Beacon Collection, on sale today at features frames “inspired by impromptu, can’t duplicate-them all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities,” and design names like Garrett (flat browline and subtle keyhole bridge), McKee (round frame that suits medium faces), Ingram (squared-off lenses and a dipped brow line), and Nancy (oversized lenses and angled brow detail).

Already this summer the sunglasses shop taking the market by storm with their “try five at home” sales strategy, has joined up with model Karlie Kloss and beauty website Into the Gloss in addition to their summer collection featuring nine new frames and four new colors.

Karlie Vogue StillThe collaboration with Kloss led to working, “hand-in-hand to impart her genuine warmth and go-get-‘em energy to a trio of distinctly feminine classics: Julia, Marple, and Clara. They’re versatile and insanely flattering.” Also as part of the collaboration, Warby Parker made a donation to Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization that provides low-income public schools with kitchens and gardens.

“Collaborating with Warby Parker on this capsule collection was an amazing experience. I’ve always admired their commitment to social enterprise and am so excited that our partnership is supporting Edible Schoolyard NYC’s inspiring work,” Kloss says.

On July 10, Warby Parker and Into The Gloss introduced two new frames as part of their collaboration: one pair of sunglasses and one optical, each constructed from premium Japanese titanium in Jet Silver or Polished Gold.

“Into The Gloss’s rebellious—but knowledgeable—approach to beauty makes them an insightful collaborator,” says Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal. “Their smart, clean aesthetic and insider’s perspective resonated as deeply with us as it does with their readers.”

As always, buying any pair of glasses from Warby Parker helps those less fortunate. Each month, as part of the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair strategy, the company makes a donation to their nonprofit partners covering the cost of sourcing the number of glasses purchased each month by Warby Parker customers.

When Did a Corset Become Workout Wear?

Ann Cherry Latex Waist CincherJust when you’d seen it all when it comes to workout wear, I present, the exercise corset!

From Ann Cherry, the “latex waist cincher” is described as “ideal for exercises.” Ideal for exercises?!

Made primarily of natural rubber, the cincher sports a hook and eye front closure surrounded by colors such as blue, neon fuchsia, and neon purple which should match most of the latest workout looks.

Even better than the wardrobe options are the reviews. One gem states, “my waist and my abs are sore all day after wearing it so it definitely helps!”

Piqued your interest? The cincher will run you $55- $69 depending on the website you buy it from and is available in sizes XS- 3X.

image courtesy of Classic Shapewear