Coffee Grounds Help Sportswear Keep You Warm

Virus StayWarmHaving a hot cuppa on a cool morning can warm you up from the inside and when you’re exercising, Virus has a line of Stay Warm sportswear that uses coffee technology to keep you warm.

Sportwear in the Virus Stay Warm line uses a specially developed fabric made from Coffee Char- coffee charcoal technology that is designed specifically for use in cold weather. Coffee Char is essentially used coffee beans that are ground up and made into natural fibers using a proprietary process.

When those fibers are worn as a layer of clothing, they can keep your surface temperature up to ten degrees warmer than other fabrics. As an added bonus the fibers wick away sweat and are a microbe deterrent.

Virus also uses other natural fabrics like Bamboo Char to create a soft feel for their products, Bioceramic which was “developed for rejuvenation and to counteract fatigue,” and Cool Jade made from jade shavings which is designed to  reduce skin surface temperatures in high temperatures.


Why Every Woman Should Splurge on a Really Great Haircut

White Salon and SpaThere’s probably scientific evidence backing up the fact that when you have a really great haircut, you feel better about yourself and therefore are generally happier. It’s not that much of a leap.

Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on product every few months, why not take some of that money and spend it getting a really great haircut?

Besides, with a truly great haircut you probably won’t need as much product every time you getting ready to greet your public.

Recently I splurged and headed to see stylist to the stars Max Sanchez at White Salon and Spa in Atlanta, Georgia’s posh Buckhead neighborhood and remembered exactly why it’s important to spend a little more money to look your best.

Max spent two hours cutting my hair both dry and wet (that’s another blog post in the works) while discussing his career, our mutual affinity for Denny’s, and celebrity gossip. Two hours of cutting flew by. I was pampered, I was relaxed (not an easy thing to achieve), and I wasn’t worried about checking my email or Twitter.

Getting the VIP treatment at an upscale salon reminds you of what some other salons tend to forget- the focus is on the patron. It wasn’t that Max treated me like a princess. He made me feel inclusive of the process, completely at ease, and like he had no place he’d rather be than in that moment.

On top of all that, I walked out with a fabulous haircut that is practically wash-and-dry-and-wear.

Next time you make your hair appointment, splurge on trying a different salon. Read reviews online before you go and ask your friends where and who they recommend. Make sure that your stylist’s styling expertise matches what you’re going in looking for. On top of it all, speak up and make sure that you leave satisfied, relaxed, and ready to great your public with a fabulous cut.

image courtesy of White Salon and Spa

Can You Get Him to Man-Up for Movember?

MovemberThis November, why not convince your man to man-up and take on the challenge of not shaving? I mean, it’s not like it’s that hard work to participate.

But really, it’s about more than just hair. Globally, more than four million participants have raised over $550 million to date, funding over 832 men’s health programs in 21 countries.

Specifically focused on raising awareness and funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer, Movember also motivates men worldwide to focus on their own health with 62% of Movember participants going to see a medical professional to improve their health because of awareness generated as part of the campaign.

Whether your man forms his own Movember competition team version of The League or goes all in all by himself, all he has to do is register at to get the process officially going. On November 1st, he starts the month clean-shaven and then grows and grooms his mustache all month long.

Throughout the month of Movember, he can actively update his  page at with pictures, videos and status updates of his progress to supplement his fund raising outreach. Also, remember to share on social media. His mom, grandma, and beloved aunt will most likely embrace the cause and his efforts while commenting publicly saying embarrassing things. But, they’ll no doubt share his progress and help raise even more money for the cause so in the long run, it’s totally worth it.

image courtesy of Movember Foundation

Product Review: CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer

CapriClear Spray On MoisturizerWhat if moisturizing was as easy as just spraying on coconut oil? That’s exactly what CapriClear asked me to test.

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been regularly using CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer, an all-natural, paraben-free, fragrance-free clear liquid that is made with 100% fractionated coconut oil. That’s right- one single ingredient.

To use, I simply sprayed the liquid on my legs and rubbed the oil into the skin post-shave and post-shower. Then, I waited. Not only was my skin glistening from the oil, it was also dewey. Being that it was oil, that was completely expected.

After application, I took my time greeting ready, noticing that the oil wasn’t absorbing like a cream moisturizer normally would though it wasn’t sopping wet.

The moment of truth came 25 minutes later when it was a necessity for me to pull on pants and leave the house for a meeting. With legs that almost looked like they had been buffed to shine, I pulled on my jeans, hoping that whatever the leftover oil on my legs, it wouldn’t ruin them. It didn’t.

Even after several hours, my legs were feeling well-hydrated and the oil had not rubbed off visibly on any clothing.

I’ve repeatedly used CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer throughout the last month, testing it on humid days, hot days, and low humidity days and always got the same result. Yes, my legs were shiny and slick to the touch for 45-60 minutes post-application but the skin was also moisture rich and never begged to have another round of a different moisturizer added to them.

Also of note, everyone in my immediate family tried the spray at least once and no one, not even those with severe eczema experienced any adverse side effects.

Knowing that the CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer won’t rub off on my clothes makes me especially eager to continue using it into the winter months as the dry air really sets in.

Product Review: Caudalié Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water

Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing WaterDuring my last visit to Bluemercury, they sent me home with a 1 oz sample of Caudalié Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water. It languished on my counter for a month before I figured I would give it a try. Being that it was “water” I had very little expectation it would be able to do much to my eyeliner or mascara except perhaps make a glorious smudge.

After dabbing a bit of the unscented liquid onto a cotton ball, I was surprised when it worked like a charm- perhaps even better than Neutrogena Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Unlike the Pads, there was little streaking of the eyeliner in the process to remove it and I felt that it took off the mascara much better on the first swipe.

I was able to do both eyes with one cotton ball and one dab of the liquid which contains grape water, chamomile, and plant extracts.

Several repeated trials over the last few weeks have yielded the same results.

Caudalié Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water sells for $28 for 200 mL on or you can choose from the 100 mL or 200 mL size on for $14 or $28 respectively.

10 Fashion-Infused Museum Exhibits to See This Fall

Grab a special low-price fare and head to at least one of these five fashion-infused museum exhibits this fall:

Exposed Bustier1.)  Exposed: A History of Lingerie at The Museum at FIT (June 3 – November 15, 2014)Tracing the history of lingerie, Exposed: A History of Lingerie showcases intimate apparel from the 18th century to the present. As part of the exhibit guests will see two types of lingerie, hard and soft. Hard lingerie includes corsets, bustles, and structured bras, while soft lingerie consists of unstructured garments, such as slips, nightgowns, and panties. Exposed also explores the relationship between dress and the body that has been redefined over time in addition to the evolution of lingerie from strictly function to fun.

2.) Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe at the Brooklyn Museum (September 10, 2014 – February 15, 2015) – From high platform chopines of sixteenth-century Italy to the glamorous stilettos on today’s runways and red carpets, Killer Heels explores the heel’s rich history that has secured its place in popular fashion and fantasy.      Continue reading

5 Things You Need to Know About AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture

0905-ajay-trophy-shot-tmz-3Australian television personality Ajay Rochester is front and center on this morning gleefully sharing a picture of 1.5L of far that was sucked out of her on Friday using AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure:

1.)  AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture is also called Nutational Liposculpture. The procedure is a combination of tickle Lipo and laser Lipo (smart Lipo).

2.)  You’re awake during the procedure. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, patients don’t even need anesthesia. Local anesthesia and some light relaxing medication to ‘takes the edge off’” says Dr. Aaron Rollins, the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who has pioneered the procedure.

3.)  Unlike traditional forms of liposucion, AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture uses no needles or a scalpel  Dr. Rollins explains, “Fat is melted and skin is tightened with the Smart Lipo laser and then the AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture system removes and liquefies the fat.  The AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture system allows us to use the smallest cannula (fat sucking tube) and therefore cause the least trauma to the body while getting the smoothest result.”

4.)  Recovery time is only 48 hours. According to Elite Body Sculpture, most patients are back to their normal routine within 48 hours and “are happy with their results in about two weeks.”

5.)  Your fat can be used for other procedures. Want a little more plump in your rump or some lip fillers? Your own fat, stored from your AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture procedure, can be used for other all-natural procedures in your body.

image courtesy of TMZ

What is Dermoscopy and Why is it Important?

Dermascope It’s almost the end of summer and if you’re, you know, human, you’ve probably done some damage to your skin this summer by enjoying some time out collecting your daily dose of vitamin D.

That also means that it’s time to schedule your annual skin cancer screening at your dermatologist’s office. If you’re lucky enough to go to a dermatologist even half as good as mine, you’ll have dermoscopy included as part of your yearly visit.

What is a dermoscopy? In layman’s terms, it’s the examination of skin with a magnifier (typically x10), a non-polarised light source which allows doctors to examine your skin without any light reflection, giving them an easier and better way of distinguishing benign from malignant lesions.

The non-invasive detection method involves nothing more than a small instrument (dermascope) hovering above your skin for a few moments as a doctor peers through the lens. Many doctors use dermascopes that are attached to iPhones or iPads so they can store the images as part of your patient file, creating a photo history of your skin for future appointment reference.

Not just for lesions, a dermoscopy can be used to diagnose warts, fungal infections, scalp issues, and tumors.

If your dermatologist is not using a dermascope as part of your annual skin cancer screening, ask them to.

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Why Are My Boots Blooming?

Hunter BootsAbout two weeks ago I pulled out my beloved Hunter boots after a summer of being stored in the closet and found them covered in “dust.” I rubbed them with a damp microfiber cloth. They seemed to get better for a brief moment then went back to looking “dusty,” almost powder covered.

Then I turned to my most knowledgable friend, Google.  According to the Hunter website,

Occasionally, you may notice white powdery marks on your Hunter rubber footwear. This is described by the term “blooming” and is completely normal for natural rubber products. Blooming may occur in certain conditions when insoluble particles rise to the surface of the rubber. This is a process that is a known characteristic of high quality, natural rubber and nothing to be concerned about.

Great. So they ‘bloomed.” Fearing permanent damage or that I was going to have to find a shoe repair shop, I was beyond pleased to find out that all I had to do was purchase a $12 bottle of  Hunter Boot Buffer from the store where I purchased my boots, take it home and apply it to my boots with a clean microfiber cloth and they’d be restored.

With my $12 spent, I drove back home and with seemingly the least amount of effort necessary, I applied the Buffer by spraying it as per the instructions on the bottle. Within seconds I saw a great difference in the appearance of the boots. In less than 5 minutes both of my boots were fully reconditioned.

A week later I went to wear my boots again and they had lost some of their luster. While not in full “bloom,” they were dull looking. I took a few minutes and applied the Buffer again which restored them to near-mint condition.

This October You Can Drink From Kate Moss’s Breast

Kate Moss ChampagneOkay, that headline isn’t 100% true- it’s a crystalized mold of Kate Moss’s breast, not that it’s any less novel.

The story goes that the first champagne coupe was modelled on Marie Antoinette’s left breast. Now, Kate Moss, the model whose party antics are well-documented, has been honored (?) with the same treatment thanks to 34, an upscale restaurant in London’s posh Mayfair district.

As a tribute to Moss’s 25 years in the fashion industry, restaurants 34, The Ivy, Daphne’s and Scott’s will all serve champagne in the special glasses.

For her part, Moss, who was active in the glasses creation says, “I was excited to participate in this project, what an honour to be alongside Marie Antoinette – she was a very intriguing and mischievous character.”