Limited Edition Christian Louboutin $675 Nail Polish Arrives Just in Time for the Holidays

christianlouboutin-starlight-8051010_K001_2_1200x1200For the girl that literally has almost everything, Christian Louboutin has upgraded the brand’s signature red nail polish to a $675 collector’s item just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Starlight, a limited edition holiday item, is available only in Rouge Louboutin and comes styled in a bottle embellished with 1,500 hand-applied two-tone Strass crystals and two crystal encrusted red leather flowers borrowed from Fall/Winter 14 shoe Pensamoirest decorate the black lacquered finish jewelry-like box featuring a velvety soft black insert and a red reveal.

What can you expect from the polish? Nordstrom, where you can purchase Starlight, boasts, “One coat gives a luxe, glossy color while two coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional nail lacquer.”

Don’t have the money for Starlight but still want to shine? Add Rouge Louboutin‘s regular (though still fabulous) bottle, which first hit store shelves in July, to your holiday wish list. At only $50 it feels a bit like a steal compared to Starlight.

In addition to being sold online, both products are available online at and feature free ground shipping.

image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Angela & Roi Handbags Pop Up in Holiday Shops to Help Change the World

Angela RoiIt’s easy! You can look stylish and help support a great cause this holiday season.

Whether you’re giving or getting, the purchase Angela & Roi handbag helps support charitable causes like the National Kidney Foundation, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Keep a Child Alive, and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

The color bag you choose, or is chosen for you as a gift exhibits which charitable organization- red helps HIV/AIDS causes, yellow handbag purchases help childhood cancer research, while white denotes a lunch cancer donation.

Angela & Roi handbags can be purchased online at or at these popup shops across the country:      Continue reading

Does Color Care Shampoo Work for Uncolored Hair?

SuperRich Moisture Shampoo and ConditionerI’m one of those strange people that doesn’t color their hair. I used to, but then I realized I didn’t have the time or budget to sit in a salon every few weeks. So, back to brown it was. That all being said, I’m not ColorProof‘s market. But, I got a few bottles of their products in the mail so I figured I’d give it a go.

Opening the bottles of SuperRich Moisture Shampoo and SuperRich Moisture Conditioner, the first thing that struck me was the smell. The shampoo has a rich black licorice-like smell and the conditioner smells strongly of peppermint oil. It was off-putting to say the least.

I only need a dime sized amount of shampoo to work up enough later to cleanse my medium-length hair while I needed a half dollar sized amount of the conditioner to feel like it covered my layered locks.

Each product rinsed out well and restored the luster and vitality of my hair while not making it greasy or heavy. Thankfully, most of the scent rinsed out too although my bathroom smelled heavily like the backroom at a candy shop that is full of leftovers no one bought.

Obviously I can’t speak to what the product does for colored hair but for my natural hair, I was very pleased with the results. If you lack moisture in your colored hair and don’t mind a heavy scent, I recommend giving ColorProof Evolved Hair Care products a try.

image courtesy of ColorProof Evolved Color Care

15 Country Music Awards Red Carpet Looks to Love

Last night’s CMAs were a little less country and rock n’ roll as they have been in the past. More so than ever before, this year’s award show attendees were dressed more like a Hollywood event than a Nashville party. Here are 15 looks we loved from the red carpet:

Martina McBride Danielle Bradbery Carrie Underwood

Crooner Martina McBride kept it below the knee while Texan singer Danielle Bradbery dazzled in a low cut black gown and Carrie Underwood was bold in gold.

Cassadee Pope Jennifer Nettles Chaley Rose

Country star Cassadee Pope added glitz with her metallic skirt and statement necklace while Sugarland songstress Jennifer Nettles kept it simple in black. Nashville star Chaley Rose was a knockout in her gold gown.      Continue reading

Thistle Farms Products Help Survivors Keep on Surviving

Thistle Farms Whole Foods AvalonIf you ever take an “official” tour of a Whole Foods Market, they’ll spend a fair amount of time telling you about their local product sourcing, organic product mix, and the charities they support- the Whole Planet, Whole Kids, and Whole Cities Foundations, which each serve a distinct purpose in spreading the generosity of Whole Foods Market across the world.

On a recent pre-opening tour of the new Whole Foods Market at Avalon in Alpharetta, Georgia, I took a picture in the bath and body section of the store. I found it again a few days ago and figured I would post it on Instagram. I searched to see if the brand of the products was on Instagram- they are. Then I read the bio Thistle Farms, “Bath and body products hand-made by women who have survived violence, prostitution & addiction. A community of healing and unconditional love.”

I had to know more.      Continue reading

Feast Your Eyes on Ebony Fashion Fair in Atlanta

Ebony Fashion Fair 50 Years MODALast week Atlanta’s Museum of Design (MODA) opened a new fashion-centric exhibit and, even before the vinyl was finished being applied to the walls, I got a sneak peek. Seven minutes in heaven has a new meaning.

Okay, it took me more than seven minutes to go through but you get the point- it’s an easily accessible, affordable to visit exhibit for fashion lovers.

Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair features the journey of Ebony Fashion Fair, the personal fashion journey of iconic publishing executive Eunice Johnson, and classic pieces from top designers that were showcased during the first 50 years of the Fair.

Entering the exhibit, which takes up the entire public exhibit space of the Museum of Design Atlanta, guests see a documented history of Ebony Fashion Fair including event magazine covers and quotes from prominent fashion industry professions including Yves Saint Laurent. Turning the corner, you are immediately dazzled by color and couture with designs by Tilmann Grewe, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent immediately standing out.

Many of the pieces of menswear and womenswear are distinct characterizations of the era they were conceived. The 80s take a strong stance with in an exceptional ready-to-wear pleated taffeta jumpsuit by Krizia (Fall/Winter 1981-82) and in a day ensemble silk satin, synthetic tulle, silk velvet, and feathers design by Christian Lacroix for the House of Patou (Fall/Winter 1986-87).      Continue reading

Elite Therapeutics Shampoo & Conditioner Adds Rich Moisture During Dry Days

Elite TherapeudicsIndian Summer has officially faded into fall and quickly turned to a taste of winter here in the South. Never has my skin felt so dry as the moment I first hear the furnace click on.

Almost as if on cue, my skin and hair starts to rapidly dry out despite the best efforts of our household humidifiers. Enter Elite Therapeutics Shampoo and Conditioner. Sent to me as a sample a few weeks ago, I hadn’t been able to shake the heat and humidity to try their products which are described as clinically proven to restore healthy moisture balance and protect hair from the heat of styling.

Now, with the furnace on and my skin acting like Georgia is in the Sahara, it was time to try it. I used both the shampoo and condition the first day- only a dime sized about since it lathered quite well, and my hair was restored to it’s springtime shine and moisture. I was quite pleased.

The second day, I used both again. Halfway through the day, despite the cool temperatures and low humidity, my hair start to feel heavy and greasy. Ponytail time.

The next day I used just the shampoo and the the greasiness balanced out. The next day I used just the shampoo again. The third day I realized that I would benefit from another shampoo and conditioner day. That afternoon and evening I didn’t detect any of the greasy feeling I had previously gotten from using both products two days in a row.

Obviously everyone’s hair is different and many environmental factors influence how dry or moist your hair is. If you have dry or brittle hair, I highly recommend giving Elite Therapeutics Shampoo and Conditioner a try.

images courtesy of Elite Therapeutics

Product Review: Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner

Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner

When it comes to Southern humidity, it’s always a battle trying to find eye liner that will hold up through a few blocks walk or a trip to and from the store. Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner doesn’t hold up like a champion but it does serve another purpose- it’s easy to layer and reapply.

Too often liner smudges and rubs to outer eye in the heat and humidity, and are a pain, especially when trying to reapply because the eyeliner has inevitably not worn off evenly. However, Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner’s keen ability to smudge as needed allows one to build a good layer of everyday liner.

The creamy liner does last its promised 8 hours in non humid conditions while I’m not quite prepared to call it completely waterproof.

So, where would I recommend wearing the liner? If you’re going somewhere after work, spending a full day of our the house, or just want something you can use to easily touch up your eyes that won’t leave you with dark lines that you can’t remove without a clinical strength specifically designated eye makeup remover.

image courtesy of Smashbox

12 Times Sarah Jessica Parker Wore Oscar de la Renta Dresses (and Looked Fabulous)

MET Gala

2014 Met Gala

Fashion Night Out 2009  2003 CFDA Awards  2014 CLIO Image Awards

(left to right) 2009 Fashion Night Out, 2003 CFDA Awards, 2014 CLIO Image Awards

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The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation’s Holiday-Themed Spa Menu Announced

Ritz_ReynoldsPlantationYou can head 75 miles from Atlanta and be wined and dined and… relaxed. This holidays season The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation has a menu of holiday-themed spa services that are perfect add-ons to your festive holiday stay.

Available November 23, 2014-February 15, 2015, each Fire & Ice Spa treatment is designed to indulge your skin with the gift of rich and luxurious pampering with the comfort of seasonal scents and spices.

  • Hot Toddy for the Body - The warmth of whiskey and hot Vichy shower melt away stress in this polishing sugar scrub. While wrapped in a warm honey glaze, a cooling eye treatment soothes and revitalizes. An application of sweet cream lotion leaves you sweet all day. (80 minutes, $235)
  • Spicy Hot Couples Massage - Warm up with that someone special while soaking in a warming bath of pine and spruce while enjoying a cool glass of champagne. A massage with the warming essence of ginger and Arnica relax tired muscles while cool stones relieve soreness. (75 minutes, $375; 105 minutes, $495)
  • Fire and Ice Facial - This detoxifying facial will leave your skin glowing and firm. The hot stimulating mask will speed up the circulation to encourage collagen growth and the cool mask will leave your skin smooth, plump and radiant. (50 minutes, $145)
  • Warm Stone Pedicure - Rejuvenate tired feet with a warming soak in a spruce bath. A massage using cooling peppermint oil and warm and cold stones will revive the entire body. Toes are then primped and polished with your choice of color. (50 minutes, $85)

Don’t want to wait another minute for your Reynolds Plantation spa experience? This autumn guests can indulge in fall at the spa with offerings including:

  • Pumpkin Caramel Body Scrub and Wrap (80 minutes, $235)
  • Pumpkin Hydrating Facial (50 minutes, $145; 80 minutes $205)
  • Caramel Coffee Manicure and Pedicure (50 minute pedicure, $85; 50 minute manicure, $65)

Reservations for your day at the spa can be made at the same time that you make your overnight stay reservation. For complete booking service, call 800-826-1945.

image courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation